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Creating a Centralized Syslog Server

A centralized syslog server was one of the first true SysAdmin tasks that I was given as a Linux Administrator way back in 1997. My boss at the time wanted to pull in log files from various appliances and have me use regexp to search them for certain key words. At the time Linux was still in its infancy, and I had just been dabbling with it in my free time. So, I jumped at the chance to introduce Linux to the company that I had worked for. Did it work? You bet it did! What this post is going to cover is not only how to setup a centralized syslog-ng server, but why you would go about setting one up in the first place. Continuar…

How to Setup Rsyslog Remote Logging on Linux (Central Log Server)

Every Linux distribution have some kind of logging mechanism that records all the system activities. A while back we provided a list of 20 log files that are stored under /var/log that you might be helpful during troubleshooting. These logs are very critical for sysadmin for troubleshooting purpose. Continuar…

Writing syslog messages to MySQL

In this paper, I describe how to write syslog messages to a MySQL database. Having syslog messages in a database is often handy, especially when you intend to set up a front-end for viewing them. This paper describes an approach with rsyslogd, an alternative enhanced syslog daemon natively supporting MySQL. I describe the components needed to be installed and how to configure them. Please note that as of this writing, rsyslog supports a variety of databases. While this guide is still MySQL-focussed, you can probably use it together with other ones too. You just need to modify a few settings. Continuar…

Rsyslogd with MySQL on RHEL / CentOS 6 HOWTO

I’ve been playing around with RHEL-derivatives, and despite my earlier annoyance, I still think that RHEL is the best enterprise linux available, and that an up-to-date derivative like CentOS or Scientific Linux is the best choice a cost-conscious admin could make.
One of the configurations I’m working on is replicated MySQL servers, but to make it work, you need a few things, like a MySQL server (and a client to connect to it). Enter rsyslog. Continuar…

HOWTO install LogAnalyzer


Logging the activity of the server is an integral part of effective server administration. ProFTPD provides several different and flexing logging mechanisms. When examining the different logging mechanisms, have in mind the intended use of the logged data, the volume, any post-processing that may need to be done, etc. Log files are more useful when they contain a complete record of server activity. It is often easier to simply post-process the log files to remove requests that you do not want to consider. Continuar…

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